Synapsys Solutions has been developing ways to improve monitoring, control and connectivity in the intelligent building control industry since 2001.

Innovative interfacing, integration and communication solutions help reduce time pressure on facilities personnel, improve building performance, and meet carbon reduction (CRC) targets.

Whether you want to monitor energy use; use one control system to link your HVAC, industrial, lighting control and energy applications; improve communications between building control systems; or enhance your BMS interfaces, Synapsys has the expertise to help. As

As technologies used in buildings become more numerous and more complex, making them work together to create a co-ordinated and energy efficient building becomes more of a challenge.

Synapsys’s cost-effective solutions have been designed to simplify communications between a wide variety of plant and equipment. They have been developed by experienced engineers to be straightforward to install and easy to use, and all products can be developed into bespoke systems for specific applications if required.

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