Open Technology

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Open Technology is a leading specialist in the design, manufacture and installation of intelligent lighting control systems that are tailored to the exact needs of your building.

Our LiGO system enables both full functionality and impressive energy savings through a solution that is simple and cost-efficient. LiGO is suitable for all types of building and can work alongside other building systems to ensure maximum energy savings and minimal maintenance requirements.

LiGO can be scaled to suit all building types and functions, and is cost-effective for retrofit, refurbishment or new build projects. Designed for
use by the building user, LiGO needs no additional front end software and as many users as required are able to use the system without purchasing additional user licenses.

From museums and attractions to leisure centres and municipal buildings, intelligent control of lighting is crucial in meeting the changing needs of the environment whilst enhancing user experience. With considerations ranging from protecting precious artwork to recreating natural habitat, lighting must be precisely controlled and
highly flexible to the varied needs of the building.

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With easy integration into Building Management Systems (BMS) the LIGO System can ensure that all systems work together to deliver full functionality and maximum savings.